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The Crisis Collective

Celeb-driven emergency response initiative.

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The Collective is a transformative initiative that unites the biggest celebrities, athletes, music artists, music labels, and sports teams in a coordinated response to global humanitarian emergencies. When an emergency occurs, the platform springs into action, providing all members of the Collective with a short text within 12 hours. This text contains on-the-ground information, immediate needs, and pre-drafted messages that can be easily shared on the celebrities' social media accounts with the press of a button. This streamlined process ensures that crucial information is disseminated rapidly and effectively, maximizing the collective influence and impact of the members to raise public awareness and generate support for the cause.



WHY THE COLLECTIVE: When a humanitarian emergency hits, there needs to be an immediate response on the ground. Mercy Corps does exactly that. But as important, is global support of support and to raise the needed dollars to make sure all that can be done, is done on the ground- and without hesitation. We prepare for emergencies by planning what to do if an emergency hits us...the Emergency Response Collective prepares Collective members to immediately respond in support with a prepared coordinated plan laid out and ready to deploy.


WHY MERCY CORPS: Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working together on the front lines of crisis, disaster, poverty, and climate change to create a world where everyone can prosper. It’s clear to us why we need to support them; and since teams and athletes have been asking if there is a group that specializes in social influence for crisis response. This is exactly why we are building the Collective and changing the way teams, leagues, music artists, labels and celebrities show their support when an emergency hits.


Our structured yet customizable (if desired) response is simple and creative to give the Collective members the ability to respond immediately and as part of a coordinated effort.
Massive earthquake
hits Thailand

Within 12 hours of a global emergency, the Crisis Collective members will be notified with a quick response update and a link to the emergency response page with more detailed info. Collective members can post straight from message (text or email) or at any time, Collective members can sign in and view:


  • updates on the emergency

  • what Mercy Corps is doing in response

  • suggested posts (customizable)

  • hashtags to use

  • collective members to tag and what members have already posted

  • updates on partner social posts

  • action items for your fans to help


Engage and comment in the Collective member forum and use the “collective collab” feature for any members who want to collaborate on a post with other members.

Celebrities can send a link to his / her social media followers and fans to contribute to the relief efforts. Celebrities and fans will receive updates with the progress of the relief effort and shown how their funds were used to help aid those in need.

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